This week I read about a case involving a same-sex couple that really gets to me. It’s this kind of bigotry that one day I will tell my children and grandchildren about and they will be astounded that this ever existed.

An 18-year-old high school senior from Florida named Kaitlyn Hunt has been arrested because her girlfriend is 14. Her girlfriend’s parents are incredibly homophobic, cannot accept that their daughter might be gay and feel the need to ruin Kate’s life because they believe she “turned” their daughter gay (for all of you in the dark about this, that’s not how being gay works). She has been charged with two felony counts of lewd and lascivious battery. If she is convicted, she could go to prison for 15 years (!!!!).

Kate Hunt

Kate Hunt

The plea deal is that she has to admit she committed child abuse. And she will have to be registered as a sex offender. How ludicrous is that? As of Friday, she has rejected the plea deal. Probably because she doesn’t want to be labeled as a sex offender and I think that’s her right.

This would NOT be happening if she were charged 108 days ago while she was still 17.

This would NOT be happening if she were a guy.

This is about homophobia. And it’s wrong.

This girl who is an amazing student and athlete has had her future pretty much dashed to pieces because her girlfriend’s parents believe the following:

“My daughter’s innocence was taken away. There deserves some type of punishment for that” (statement by her girlfriend’s dad)

So her punishment is to drag her name through the mud and have this follow her for the rest of her life?

The burning question is: where is her girlfriend in all of this? I haven’t been able to find any information. I have seen, “The 14-year-old girl may have to take the witness stand if the case goes to court”. Um. Duh? Where the heck has she been? Why hasn’t she called off all this nonsense by now? Florida has the Romeo and Juliet Law which means her girlfriend could say the relationship was consensual and the case would be dropped. Why isn’t she defending Kate? If she has basically already been outted, could she also maybe make the positive difference this case needs to literally set Kate free?

Highly disappointed when I see cases like this. If you also believe this is wrong, please sign the petition to FREE KATE!


One thought on “FREE KATE!

  1. While the parents of the 14-year-old are believed to be homophobic, there is no evidence that these parents would not have done the exact same thing if this girl was having sex with a male. This case has little to do with homosexuality and as a gay man I am offended that people are using this as a platform for gay equality. It is giving neo-conservatives ammunition to use against us by saying we really are sexual predators.

    This being a crime actually has less to do with the fact that Kaitlyn is 18 and more to do with the fact that her victim is 14. You said if she was 17 having sex with the 14 year old that this wouldn’t have been an issue, but that is ignorant. In Florida, it is legal for someone 16 and 17 to have sex with someone up to the age of 23. At 18, the age of majority, they can have sex with someone 16 and older. It is flat out ILLEGAL to have sex with someone under 16 in Florida.

    This criminal case has nothing to do with bigotry. If you believe the age of consent laws in Florida should be changed, then I say more power to you. Don’t turn this into a gay issue. It doesn’t belong.

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