Bucket List-2013


Today while reading a blog called, “Bucket List Publications” by Lesley Carter, I became inspired to start my own bucket list for 2013. Your bucket list doesn’t necessarily have to be a list of things you do before you die, you can decide to do these things before the end of the year, for example. Once I accomplish each one, I’ll post about the experience in hopes that next year, you will add one of the following to YOUR bucket list. Most items will be in and around Brazil since that is where I am currently living and even though I’ve been here for almost 3 years, there are plenty of cool things left to do.

1. Have brunch in Parque Lage on a Sunday afternoon -Rio de Janeiro (RJ)


2. Go to Prainha beach- RJ


3. Go to Grumari beach- RJ


4. Climb Pedra da Gávea- RJ


5. See my first 3-D movie (Jurassic Park!!!)


6. See the Cristal Palace in Petropolis- RJ


7. Go to Florianopolis in the south of Brazil- Santa Catarina


8. Get permanence in Brazil!


9. Record a song with Michele.


10. Visit the new cultural center-Casa Daros in Botafogo -RJ

casa daros 2

11. Go to Joatinga beach- RJ


12. Go dancing at Rio Scenarium- RJ


13. Travel to Minas Gerais- state to the northwest of Rio


13. Take the bonde up to the top of Santa Marta here where I live and explore my own neighborhood

images-1 Santa Marta

14. Spend Christmas with my family in the U.S.!!



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