Getting Permanence based on Same-Sex Stable Union in Brazil (PART 2-Polícia Federal)

This post is for those of you who have already obtained your stable union in Brazil and now want to apply for permanence. If you are applying for permanence based on marriage, see this post.

All current information can be found on the Ministry of Justice website, here. There is little information about how to go about collecting these documents so I’ve included translations, the approximate prices of these docs, how you go about getting them and how long each is expected to take. Keep in mind, the following documents and requirements are for Rio de Janeiro but most likely are similar in other states. NOTE: I do not claim to know everything, I can only tell you about my own experience in hopes of saving you a lot of stress and time delays. IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY GOING THROUGH THIS PROCESS AND THE INFORMATION BELOW IS NOT ACCURATE, PLEASE LET ME KNOW SO I CAN UPDATE IT AND HELP EVERYONE ELSE OUT! THANKS!



Permanence based on Stable Union

This list can be found here.

1) REQUERIMENTO PRÓPRIO- this is your application (form 334) which will be given to you when you arrive at the Polícia Federal. Or you can print it out here and take it already filled out.

2) CÓPIA AUTENTICADA, NÍTIDA E COMPLETA DO PASSAPORTE-Copy of passport. You will need to get authenticated copies of ALL pages in your passport, even blank pages. Authenticating documents can be done at a cartório and costs approx. R$5.40 per page.

****3) ATESTADO DE ANTECEDENTES CRIMINAIS-THIS IS POSSIBLY THE MOST IMPORTANT/PAIN IN THE ASS DOCUMENT YOU NEED TO GET: ANTECEDENTES CRIMINAIS DO PAÍS DO ESTRANGEIRO LEGALIZADO EM REPARTIÇÃO CONSULAR BRASILEIRA (NO EXTERIOR) E TRADUZIDO POR TRADUTOR OFICIAL JURAMENTADO (NO BRASIL)-VALIDADE DE 90 DIAS. This is a background check. If you are an American, this needs to be issued by the FBI (so whatever is the equivalent of that in your country). In order to order a background check on yourself, here is the link with the information. You fill out this application and mail it in with your fingerprints (fingerprint pages here) and payment of US$18. If you are already in Brazil, you can pay sending in this credit card payment form, if in the states, send a money order. Where do you get your fingerprints done? You can do them yourself and send in up to 5 copies to be considered if you’re really bad at it like I am. You can get the fingerprints done at a local police station if you are in the states. If in Brazil, you might be able to go to the polícia here and have them do it? But might not be worth the hassle. Can you tell I’m not a huge fan? This document takes up to 8 weeks to be issued by the FBI which is why it can set you back if you don’t jump on it.

AFTER you have this document in your hands, it must be legalized (cost US$20) by a Brazilian Consulate in the U.S. (or in your specific country). Once you turn it in to be legalized it may take a week to get back. Once you get it back and in Brazil, it must then be translated by a certified/sworn translator (I use Litero Traduções), costs about R$55. Only then are you ready to turn it in to the PF.

**Warning: the PF only accepts this doc if it has been issued within the last 90 days. So within 3 months from the day it was issued, hopefully you are turing in everything or you might have to start from the beginning again with this one.

Congrats! Your hardest doc is out of the way!

4) Authenticated copy of your Stable Union. **I’ve heard that for the stable union to be accepted at the PF, you must have it approved by a judge which could take a few months. If you don’t want to wait around for this, you can present documents at the cartório to make it a “valid”stable union. Since this is not the route we went, I am not positive about which documents these are but as soon as I find out from another couple who has gone through this, I will put more info here.

5) CÓPIA AUTENTICADA DO DOCUMENTO DE IDENTIDADE DO CHAMANTE-An authenticated copy of your partner’s Brazilian I.D.

6) ESCRITURA PÚBLICA DO COMPROMISSO DO CHAMANTE You do this at the cartório, they will know what it is. They sometimes call this a Compromisso de Manutenção. I think it costs about R$70 but not positive. It is a doc that declares your spouse will be financially responsible for you as I recall, they don’t actually have to show any proof of income. Can get it the same day.

7) PROVA DO MEIO DE VIDA E DA CAPACIDADE FINANCEIRA DO CHAMANTE E/OU DO CHAMADO. This is proof that you or your partner can support you financially being here. This could be a copy of what’s in your bank account but even better would be an authenticated copy of your spouse’s monthly salary check.

8) DECLARAÇÃO DO CHAMADO DE QUE NÃO FOI PROCESSADO OU CONDENADO CRIMINALMENTE Declaration that you have not committed any crimes in Brazil or abroad. Sign it with a recognized signature at the cartório.

here is an example of that:

“Eu, Maria da Silva, argentina (put your nationality), residente à Rua/Avenida (put your complete Brazilian address with neighborhood, city, state and CEP), portador do passaporte número (passport number), DECLARO, para os devidos fins legais, de que NÃO SOU CONDENADA(O) CRIMINALMENTE NO BRASIL NEM NO EXTERIOR.

Por ser verdade, dato e assino a presente declaração.

Rio de Janeiro, 22 de abril de 2013.

(Your signature-recognized in the cartório) ”

9) DECLARAÇÃO DO ESTADO CIVIL- This is a document that you can get at your country’s consulate here in Brazil. It basically states that you are in fact single in your own country. It costs approx. R$100 and you can get it the same day.

10) COMPROVANTE DO PAGAMENTO-Receipt showing you have paid the fee of R$102. Go to the PF site, fill in your info and at “Código da Receita STN” type in the code: 140066. It should come up as Unidade Arrecadadora:SR/DPF/RJ. Print out the receipt it generates, go to the bank or Casa Lotérica to pay it and bring this receipt to the PF.

11) 2 FOTOS 3X4 of the foreigner and 1 foto 3×4 of your Brazilian spouse

* When you go to turn in all your documents, your spouse/partner is required to be there with you. And try to dress nicely.

***Once you have turned in all of your documents, you will receive a protocolo ( a small slip of paper which basically shows you are now in the process of permanence). DON’T LOSE THIS PAPER! You will need it to get in and out of the country, when you travel within Brazil between cities (at the airport).

*Gaining permanence may actually take up to two years. After you have turned in all your paperwork, it could take about 6-7 months for the PF to come to your house and make sure you are really a couple.

**I just found the following info on the site about getting your work book. You can see the rest of the info here

“Observação: Os casos de pedido de permanência por União Estável e Reunião Familiarnão produzem direitos ao estrangeiro no País para obtenção da CTPS. O estrangeiro só poderá solicitar a CTPS após ter sido concedido sua permanência pela Policia Federal”

This looks like foreigners who apply for permanence based on a Stable Union are not actually allowed to work until they get actual permanence (meaning the protocolo proving you are doing the process won’t get you the work book). I’m not sure if this is true but I just found this in the Ministry of Work site so I will look into it and update here when I find out.

I hope this information has helped. If you have anything to add PLEASE do! We need to work together to make sure this process is less frustrating for everyone in the future. Good luck!


2 thoughts on “Getting Permanence based on Same-Sex Stable Union in Brazil (PART 2-Polícia Federal)

  1. Hey, great information, thank you very much! I’m just about to start the process, and with limited Portuguese this is a great help. One question; for proof of means, insurance documents showing my girlfriend noted as a beneficiary, etc. Do you think that these documents need to be notarised by the consulate in London (I’m British)? Or do I just need to notarise the criminal record document?

    • Hi Anthony. Just to be clear, you are applying for permanence based on a stable union correct? I don’t think they will require you to notarize the insurance document but I could be wrong. I just talked to someone who got permanence based on the stable union and they provided a copy of their bank account to show as a proof of means.

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