Our love/wedding in the media

Since I met Michele in 2010, our relationship has gained a lot of attention in the media for a few factors:

1.  We are a binational couple (I am American and she is Brazilian)

2. We come from vastly different cultures (I grew up in the suburbs of Littleton, Colorado and she grew up in the Rocinha favela of Rio de Janeiro)

3. We were trying to stay together in the same country but fighting discriminatory laws.

4. We were the first female couple in Rio de Janeiro and one of the first gay couples in Brazil to obtain a marriage license.

5. It was all happening at the same time that the U.S. Supreme Court was taking on the DOMA decision.

For these reasons, we’ve been contacted a few times to participate in interviews and videos to share our story. At first I was pretty hesitant to throw everything out there but it became obvious right from the start that there were other couples just like us going through their own struggles and could relate. I found that sharing our stories made us all stronger. Here are a few links for those that can relate or know anyone else who can. I never would have though that our story mattered to anyone else but as long as I continue to get positive feedback from other couples, I’ll be sharing. I would love to hear your own love story! Leave your comments below…

  • We were asked to participate in a TV show called Chuva de Arroz on the GNT channel here in Brazil. It’s kinda like our TLC. Here is the link to our episode (with some English subtitles I threw on it)
  • After the show, a singer named Marcelo Jeneci asked to use some of our footage in his music video about love which you can see here. We appear at 4:29.
  • The very first Brazilian gay wedding magazine (Momento Inesquecível) featured us in their first edition. Here is the online version.
  • Once things started to heat up in the U.S. over Marriage Equality and the Supreme Court’s impending decision, we were asked by a dear friend to participate in a mini documentary for the Global Post. The piece shows our situation forced to live apart because of DOMA. Here is the video.
  • And when I went to protest at the Supreme Court my sign made it to BuzzFeed. #52
  • I also wrote a piece about our relationship and difficult situation being forced apart by law for the DOMA Project website. The article can be found here.
  • The Washington Post also wrote an article about us here.
  • Once the Brazilian media caught wind of the video, they interviewed us about John Kerry’s declaration that same-sex couples will be treated the same as straight couples in regards to applying for green cards. More about that, here.
  • Then O Globo wanted to feature discrimination in the budding gay wedding market here in Brazil, so they asked why we thought more couples weren’t taking advantage of the new law and getting hitched. Check it out here. Or the more complete version with photos here.

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