About- far from om

Many people have told me they think I’m “zen”. For someone who has a lot of thoughts and ideas tumbling about up there, that is a true compliment. It’s nice to see that I don’t come off as the basket case I usually feel that I am. While I would love to claim this “zen” identity, I’d like you all to know that I am as “far from Om” as the next gal. Hopefully, I have a few decades left to work that out 🙂 This blog is meant to be an open space to share more about LGBT culture, travel, inspiring women, living abroad, current events, good books, and whatever else comes to mind.

I’m 25. In the last three years I ran away from home (Colorado) to live in the slums of Rio de Janeiro, fell in love with a woman for the first time, married her and returned to the U.S. to start our married life. I was denied the basic human right of being able to live in the U.S. with my foreign born spouse because of DOMA and fled back to Brazil to be with her again. I’m constantly adjusting to life abroad, trying to imagine what our future will look like. And on top of it all, like lots of other recent grads, I often wake up feeling a lack of direction, questioning what kind of career I’m supposed to follow. In time, I think that will change. From chaos comes creativity! Which is why my generation will be responsible for great innovation and entrepreneurship. I’m excited to watch that happen.

Once again, back in Rio de Janeiro, I also find myself “far from home”.  In many ways, I am still that awkward gringa but I’d like to think that I’m improving. Its about baby steps. I try not to leave the beach completely covered in sand anymore. It’s not good Rio etiquette. And I’m learning how to make beans in the pressure cooker without causing an explosion.

Coming out. Growing up. Figuring it out. Call it what you like. This is me.



3 thoughts on “About- far from om

    • Thanks so much for all your support Ruthie! I’m honored that you are nominating me. you inspired me to write more because of your courage to write about your own experiences!

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